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OSSA is proud to be a member of the European Aviation Clusters Associations become n (EACP).

Membership of the OSSA Clusters will take place in the EACP General Assembly to be held in Lisbon on October 24-28. EACP European Aerospace Cluster Partnership is a joint venture of 40 aviation clusters from 16 countries in Europe and is run by the Hamburg Aviation Cluster.

The aim of the EACP, which represents about 90% of the European aviation industry is; to carry out joint projects, to promote cooperation between the clusters, to share information and to develop European aviation through connections.

The OSSA Coordinator Hilal ÜNAL, who will present the OSSA presentation at the EACP meeting in Lisbon on October 24-28, will suggest possible contributions of OSSA to the EACP. ÜNAL is a partnership between OSSA's rich database, opportunities for mutual cooperation, partnership opportunities in AR-GE projects and the European technology, human resources and quality that we will bring to Europe in aviation; Furthermore, our contribution to reducing costs will be expressed.



OSSA Cluster Achievements:

OSSA has carried out best practice activities for two years in the URGE projects with the Ministry of Economy and supported the SMEs in training, consulting and certification. During the project, SMEs installed ERP systems, received AS 9100 has aviation quality certificates and have reached the level of companies known internationally.

The OSSA Cluster, which was found to be successful by the European Cluster for perfectionism studies, was awarded a bronze medal in a ceremony held at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Turkey and also received the Bronze Certificate in 2014.

The Undersecretariat of Defense Industry, the clustering activities, and the successful implementation of the ICDDA event in Ankara in 2013 gave OSSA the Yearly Defense Industry Special Award2014.

OSSA has signed a cooperation protocol with the Aerospace Valley cluster, which has been operating in aerospace, space and buried systems areas established in 2005 and has more than 850 members from both industry and academia, at the Paris Airshow.

OSSA, which was awarded by European Union upon completing the Training of Regional Competitiveness and Cluster Excellence, is one of the two clusters with this certificate in Turkey. OSSA has proven that it carries out cluster activities in European standards with cluster achievements.