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Development of International Competition Project


Duration of Project: 3 years
Number of Participators: 24
Budget Estimated: 1.130.000 TL

Activities :

A) Requirement Analysis
24 companies and defence & aerospace sectors have been examined and a report reflecting analysis has been prepared by TTGV (February 2012- June 2012)
B) Trainings
- All companies within the project have received traning on trade intelligence (July 2012)

- 8 companies have been trained for AS/EN 9100 (October 2012)
- Before IDEX’13 Fair, companies have attended to Exports and Banking System in Abu Dhabi Training ( February’13)

C) Consulting
- 4 companies have started receiving consultancy for AS/EN 9100 Aerospace Quality Systems (January     2013- June 2013)
- 7 companies have started consultancy for search engine optimization in order to make companies more visible. (February 2013- February 2014)
D) Marketing
- 9 companies have participated to AIRTEC Aerospace Suppliers Exhibition in Frankfurt Germany (November 2012)

- 14 companies have participated to Abudabi IDEX’13 Defence Exhibition (February 2013)

E) Procurement Committee

Under the auspices of the Undersecreteriat for Defence Industries and with support of the Ministry of Economics, International cooperation Days in Defence & Aerospace in Ankara have been organized by OSSA and 270 companies from 22 countries have participated to the event. By this procurement committee program 4000 registered B2B meetings was held and companies like Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Thales and also procurement from SSM , TAI, Aselsan and Roketsan had participated to the event.

Activities Projected Near Future


-4 companies will receive consultancy on institutionilization

Marketing Abroad:

Exhibitions and B2B events are closely followed and plannings are done with the coordination of SSM for national participation to the events.

  Procurement Committee

- The second edition of International Cooperation Days in Defence and Aerospace (ICDDA) will be in 14-16 October 2014. Again procurement staff of participating companies will be hosted through this event.
- Currently working on inviting procurement committees from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

  Outcomes of the Project

After B2B meetings that have held at AIRTEC, IDEX and ICDDA by companies involved in this project, several negotiations and MOUs have been signed and business offers have been received and submitted. OEMs in all over the globe directed their attention to SMEs and developed new ideas on partnerships for doing business internationally. .
By this new business network that project firms have gained they have raised their exports from 2 million TL in 2011 to 4 million TL in 2012 which means a rise of %100 .